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Knosk started up in 2018 and is working hard ever since. We saw a flaw in other the “big hosting” companies. We wanted this flaw to be our main key factor.  We want to help everyone with understanding the Internet which changes everyday. It is hard to keep up with all the new updates. Our goal is to keep you updated and informed with the latest tips and tricks of the internet.

Our Mission

The internet today is a big complicated place, our mission is to help personal, organizations and businesses have a great ranking website for what ever the cause is. With our Knowledgeabase and our Video tutorials will teach the essentials in running a well functional website. By doing this we hope for success in our clients.

Our Mission is to have Web Essentials and Web Services all in one website to provide only the best for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to educate our clients about hosting, ranking, SEO and so much more. Our Vision is that we are a team that needs to help and support those that are in need of our services, to create better, dazzling and updated websites. 

Need help or have a Question? We are here for you!

Knosk is a proud Internet and Web Hosting Service, our mission is to provide the services you need for your website with tutorials and one-on-one support you need.

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